Why I switched from AppleMusic to Spotify after 4 years.

Well, I know this is a very personal issue, but over the years I had some experiences with Apple Music that I totally disliked and I decided to share them with you.

First of all, to get this out of the way, I don’t hate Apple or it’s products. I’m deep into the Apple ecosystem, I own and use a lot of Apple products and services witch notably I love, especially MacOS.

In 2015 Apple launched the “Spotify Killer”. Back then, I was not too familiar with music streaming services, I was using Google Music, Youtube and of course my iTunes library with all the music I bought. Remember that time? It was not so long ago, but buying albums or songs feels prehistoric.

As a side note, Google Play Music has a very cool feature where you can upload the music you have stored in your computer and stream it for free on any device. One other feature I really liked was the “feeling lucky” button, which starts playing your library with a random soundtrack.

Anyway, back to Apple. So Apple Music launched and I decided to get a plan. I got the single plan, did the onboarding configuration where you need to select what type of music and artists you like and BAM! I’m out of the stone age right? Well, no! You need to use the app in order to better understand the music you like, and thats ok, I know this is not mind reading, but fast forward 3 and a half years later, my recommendations are still terrible, the playlists that Apple makes are shitty(well I find them shitty), and the new music section sucks, I often find manele(genre) in the “hot” section, the new music section is not filtered through your preferences and you will often find yourself navigating through shit, hitting the dislike button more and more in a never-ending loop.

Meanwhile some of my friend ware using Spotify and decided to try it out. After about an hour of listening to music, the app already knew what I like and what I want to listen to. I mean, what kind of witchcraft is this? Then they create multiple playlists(six in total) based on what you listened in the past called “Your Daily Mix” with different genres, artists and not to mention “Your Release Radar” which is a playlist with new music releases based on your preferences and “Your Discover Weekly” wich you guessed it, helps you discover more music you like.

Last month an article came out about Tim Cook saying that Spotify takes the humanity out of music. He mainly refers to the fact that Spotify relies on artificial intelligence and algorithms to curate playlists, making the need of browsing similar artist and discovering new music by yourself irrelevant. But the thing is, thats one of the reason I pay for music, if I wanted to always search for the music and make playlists by myself, I would’ve continued to listen to music on youtube.

Bottom line, Apple Music is a chore! Because Apple Music recommendations are so bad, you end up creating playlist manually and, fun fact, I also used Spotify for inspiration to create playlists in Apple Music 🙂, that’s how awful Apple Music is.

I also experimented with Google, Amazon, and Grove. If you don’t know Grove, well don’t waste your time googling it, it is/was Microsoft music streaming service. Amazon and Google were acceptable, still not better than Spotify. Anyway, that’s my opinion, you should try for yourself and decide.

Thanks for reading ✌️


  • Adrian Oprea
    April 2, 2019 at 8:31 am

    I still regret Apple Music since it was embedded in the system so well. But, yes, the recommendations are crap. I moved to Spotify last year in February or March, and I’ve kept both running for a while but soon ended up using Spotify exclusively.

    One of the other things I appreciate about Spotify is that you can use a web version and that it’s cross-platform.

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